Friday, August 1, 2008

The Sports VU: Week in Review

Fall practice begins this morning, which means we're now just 27 days away from the Commodores' season opener at Miami (OH) and The Sports VU is getting restless. Here's a look back at the week's highlights:

Save for the special teams, our position-by-position football preview is completed:

QB Breakdown
RB Breakdown
WR Breakdown
TE Breakdown
OL Breakdown
DL Breakdown
LB Breakdown
DB Breakdown

Five more stories worth checking out if you haven't already:

1. Who's the best Vanderbilt athlete over the past five years?

2. David Price was profiled in this week's Sports Illustrated

3. Ross Neltner and Alex Gordon will be reunited in Turkey

4. The Chicago Bears are already falling in love with Earl Bennettt

5. New NCAA rules are going to put baseball coaches in a bind

Finally, three great videos:

Alvarez talks about committment

Foster posterizes "Fezzy-Winks"

Why I Hate Tennessee

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Tony Arnold said...

You should have put the Alabama fan on UT video in the list too. That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Thanks for posting it.

Neyland stadium looks like a garbage truck worksman's convention!

You can be I will be using that line.

Jarred Amato said...

Tony, didn't mean to leave that one out. It's probably my favorite video of all-time. I've added it to the post.

Tony Arnold said...

Mine too. I guess you noticed I had to put it on my blog as well.

I have shown it to many at work and they all laugh hard, except one group. The Alabama fans I showed it to did not laugh. They just shook their heads saying, "that guys right, man, I hate UT."

That cracked me up about as much as the video.