Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video of the day: Alvarez on commitment

You don't become an All-American third baseman and No. 2 pick in the 2008 MLB Draft overnight. Former Commodore Pedro Alvarez talks to Stack TV about his dedication to the game that he loves.

"I'm at the field for a big portion of the day," Alvarez said, "and it doesn't really bother me just because obviously baseball's what I love to do and the better you can become, the better you feel about yourself."

Alvarez noted that his strong work ethic came from his father.

"I always knew (dedication) was important because my dad emphasized it a lot, and as a child, I was lucky enough not to be stubborn and I listened to him," he said.

"I sacrificed a lot as a child, but I feel like it's paid off now and will pay off in the future," Alvarez said.

It most certainly will. Best of luck, Pedro, and thanks to the NY Dore for the find...

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Anonymous said...

Jarred, I'm sure you saw it and it wasn't without controversy, but you ought to link to Chris Lee's series on the top 10 athletes in the 5 years has been active.

I, for one, was befuddled that DP wasn't the #1 choice, but Chris believes the man in this video was the best athlete he's covered in the last 5 years. It's hard to argue with anyone who chooses DP, El Matatan, Shan, Jay or Earl.

Even though they're premium links, I think they're worthy of a post and some discussion.