Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Around the SEC (7/29)

A few Southeastern Conference links to pass along on this Tuesday evening...

ESPN.com's Chris Low takes a look at which SEC teams are hated the most. Alabama takes the title, followed by Tennessee and Florida. The Commodores are the least-hated team because, as Low writes, they "haven't won enough for anybody to hate them." He's got a point.

By now, I'm sure you heard that defensive tackle Jerrell Powe has finally been cleared to play at Ole Miss. Powe hasn't played in three years, but if he's ready to contribute, the Rebels' d-line should be outstanding. It already has defensive end Greg Hardy, who led the SEC with 10 sacks last season, and Peria Jerry, a defensive tackle who had 14 tackles for a loss in '07.

Despite key losses on offense, Kentucky coach Rich Brooks thinks the Wildcats can beat anyone their schedule.

It also looks like Kentucky sophomore Mike Hartline will be the starting QB after projected starter Curtis Pulley has a possession of marijuana citation and a traffic arrest from two separate incidents this summer. Ouch.

Best party school in the country goes to...the University of Florida. Won't they let other schools win something for a change?

Phil "What subpoena?" Fulmer feels the Vols are underrated.

Six Arkansas players have been arrested over the past few months and Bobby Petrino decided to make a statement, suspending two players for the first two games of the season.

Tony Barnhart of the AJC lists five reasons why the media picked Florida to win the SEC East over Georgia. I think their respective schedules is the biggest factor.

Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson is a lot like Toby Keith, according to an Arkansas reporter who compares each SEC coach to a famous person/character. Why? Because he's "Ford tough." I like the comparison between Les Miles and George W. Bush.

Finally, ESPN.com's Chris Low (he's a busy guy) rates the SEC's most bitter rivalries. His top five:

1. Alabama vs. Auburn
2. Alabama vs. Tennessee
3. Florida vs. Georgia
4. Alabama vs. LSU
5. Florida vs. Tennessee

At least one Alabama fan has a problem with the rankings. He said he hates Tennessee more than Auburn, among other things...Just watch and enjoy.

And I don't like pumpkins!

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Tony Arnold said...

That was a hilarious video. I especially liked the garbage truck convention analogy.

Out of 6 players arrested, two suspended for the first two cakewalk games, now that is sending a message. The same one Fulmer has been sending at UT for years. "Don't make me slap your wrists fellas! I am getting tired of your boyish behavior now."

What a joke. You have to give some coaches credit, they never let character and ethics interfer with winning on the field.