Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pre-Season Football Predictions...

I just thought that I would post a few questions/predictions to The Sports VU readers about this coming football season to get some conversation going.

1) Who are you most looking forward to seeing this year: Jamie Graham

2) Who will emerge this year and surprise people: Jared Hawkins

3) Who are we going to beat: Rice, Duke, Kentucky, South Carolina

a) Number of wins: 4
b) Biggest Win: South Carolina
c) Worst Loss: Miami (OH)

4) Will D.J. leave for the NFL after this season? Yes

5) Freshman that will have the biggest impact: Ryan Seymour (DT)

6) Freshman you are most looking forward to seeing: John Cole

7) Biggest Concern: QB play. Our season depends on it.

8) What do you think is our team's biggest strength this year: I know most will say DBs, but I will say WRs.

9) Best home game atmosphere: Auburn

10) Offensive MVP for the season: Jared Hawkins

11) Defensive MVP for the season: Broderick Stewart (D.J. Moore is too easy)

12) Most Improved Player (Offense): Justin Wheeler

13) Most Improved Player (Defense): Greg Billinger

14) Surprise Team in the SEC: Ole Miss

15) Road games you plan to attend: Georgia, Ole Miss.

16) Game you are most excited to see: Georgia. They could be No. 1, and I have never been to UGA. For a home game, I would have to say South Carolina because I think we will win, and it is on ESPN.

If anyone thinks of any other questions, feel free to add them. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's responses.


David Rutz said...

1) Most looking forward to seeing: Sean Walker

2) Biggest surprise: Patrick Benoist. I think he was overshadowed last year by Goff and Buggs, and he's going to do great things at OLB.

3a) Number of wins: 13
3b) Biggest win: BCS National championship over USC
3c) Worst loss: None.

4) Will D.J. leave for the NFL after this season?

Depends on Vanderbilt's season. If it's a wash, I say yes.

5) Freshman with biggest impact: Chris Marve. Perfect blend of speed, size and smarts for a linebacker.

6)Freshman most looking forward to seeing: Larry Smith, if needed.

7)Biggest concern: Offensive line.

8)Biggest strength: Secondary.

9)Best home game atmosphere: I'd say Tennessee but if it's during Thanksgiving week again, I bet the campus empties. So I'll say Florida.

10)Offensive MVP: Sean Walker

11)Defensive MVP: DJ Moore

12)Most improved offensive player: Jamie Graham

13)Most improved defensive player:
Theron Kadri (DE) The man learned from Curtis Gatewood.

14)Road games attending: Georgia, Ole Miss.

15)Game most excited to see: Florida. It'll be sweet going to Athens again, but I'm looking forward most to seeing Tebow and the Gators in our backyard.

Greg Viverito said...

1) Most looking forward to seeing:

Mackzenzi Adams taking control of the starting QB job for good and leading Vanderbilt to an unexpected Music City Bowl berth. Call it a prophecy.

Oliver Wolfe said...

3c) Worst loss: Every game by 1-3 points, the result of a single missed kick each time.