Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Ready...

Tomorrow, it begins. Twelve teams, one goal: the coveted SEC Championship. For teams such as Vandy, Tennessee, and Mississippi State, this is a chance to pad their stats and seedings for tourney time. And for pretty much everyone else... it's win or go home.

Four back-to-back-to-back-to-back (whew!) play-in games are being held tomorrow, starting at Noon CT at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Here's what I think is going down...

GAME 1: LSU (SEC West 4 seed) vs. South Carolina (SEC East 5 seed)

You know what? LSU's firing of coach John Brady mid-season may not have been politically or personally correct, but the Tiger's have been on a (relative) tear as of late. South Carolina's quick guards can run some teams ragged, but LSU won't let that happen.

Tigers 68
Gamecocks 63

GAME TWO: Vanderbilt (SEC East 3 seed) vs. Auburn (SEC West 6 seed)

So, Vanderbilt is the 17th ranked team in the country and a lock to go dancing. And Auburn is, well... I don't know what they are, but they aren't going to beat Vandy.

Commodores 80
Tigers 61

GAME THREE: Florida (SEC East 4 seed) vs. Alabama (SEC West 5 seed)

Florida has probably slipped off of that all-important "bubble", so they'll have to beat the Tide to at least have a shot of going dancing. But it isn't going to be easy- 'Bama proved they can grind out and win big games, as evidenced by their OT victory vs. our Commodores. Anyways, maybe Al Horford will skip Hawks practice and come to the game to provide some motivation and love. I guess it's better than having some 6-11 crazy dude with a ridiculous ponytail and major gap between his teeth showing up in the locker room and scaring all of the freshman.

Florida 61
Alabama 58

GAME FOUR: Ole Miss (SEC West 3 seed) vs. Georgia (SEC East 6 seed)

This game is scheduled to tip off at 9:45, but I wouldn't stay up if you have to get up early on Friday, like me (screw you 8 o'clock English!!!). Ole Miss and superfrosh Chris Warren just beat Georgia on the road, and on top of that, the Rebels are a team on a mission: to not embarrass themselves by missing out on March Madness after that stellar start to the season. Warren, Eniel Polynice, and David Huertas will be too much up top, Dwayne Curtis and Kenny Williams will be too much down low, and the Rebels will roll in a grind it out game despite Georgia's home team advantage.

Rebels 75
Bulldogs 62

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Greg Viverito said...

to be fair, kentucky and arkansas likely do not need to "win or go home". Both could probably get in even with first round losses, and would almost undoubtedly assure themselves a spot with semifinal appearances.

Also, Ole Miss would be in great shape for an at-large with a finals run, even if they don't end up winning in the championship game...