Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Absolute Mess: The Georgia Doom

In case you haven't heard, the SEC tournament has been moved to Georgia Tech following the damage to the Georgia Dome.

Because the winner of the SEC tournament earns an automatic bid to Big Dance, the games must be played before the NCAA tournament selection committee announces the draws. This bit of news leaves the winner of the Kentucky-Georgia game in a difficult position. In unprecedented fashion, either Kentucky or Georgia will play two games today. As an aside, how much longer until the NCAA lets a team's body of work across the whole season (instead of these little tournaments) determine the automatic bids?

The claims by those in attendance that a "freight train was approaching" or that it could have been an act of terrorism, might not be all that far-fetched when it has been confirmed that a tornado whisked through downtown Atlanta with 130 mph winds.

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