Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quite the showdown

If you're CBS, how do you hype tomorrow's showdown between Georgia and Arkansas? I'm guessing it'll be something like this:

It's Sundiata Gaines! It's Gary Ervin! It's Dave Bliss! It's Steven Hill! It's Georgia vs. Arkansas in the SEC title game next on CBS!

After winning four league games all season, Georgia has won three in three days, defeating Mississippi State 64-60. Earlier in the day, Arkansas edged Tennessee 92-91 on Hill's lone basket of the game, a turnaround jumper with 5.3 seconds remaining.

It's been a disaster (pun intended) of a week for the SEC. It was bad enough that a tornado damaged the Georgia Dome, forcing the league to move its tournament to Georgia Tech. But, now Tennessee will probably not get a No. 1 seed and two low-profile teams will be on the national stage.


Aram Hanessian said...

I don't think it was that bad, Ark has improved its seed considerably to the point that they have a great chance to get the the sweet 16 and if UGA wins thats an extra team. Losing a 1 seed isn't really that big a deal, the bigger deal would be, as I'll point out later today, that UK should not get get in, partially b/c of the loss to UGA.

Chip Robie said...

Clearly UK is a different team without Patrick Patterson, who I think will be a terrific player in the League.

But Jarred is right. Neither team has any recognizable players. A Georgia-Arkansas televised game is not going to draw my viewership or attention.

Greg Viverito said...

I have to agree with Aram on this one. Certainly moving the tournament away from the Georgia dome and losing all that ticket revenue hits them hard, but if Georgia wins today the conference office should be excited at getting another team in. Also, Gary Parrish (
seems to think Tennessee might still be in the running for a top seed despite yesterday's loss.