Thursday, March 20, 2008

Commodore Banter (3/20)

One mock draft puts Shan Foster in the lottery. Another lists him in the middle of the second round. After what happened to Byars last year, I don't think there's any doubt Foster finds himself in the second round.

Forget the rhetoric, odds are in Vandy's favor to advance to the second round, writes Brett Hait.

The Commodores' offense keeps chugging away, clubbing Lipscomb 12-4 on Wednesday.

Kevin Stallings continues to draw praise from the press.

Georgia's highly improbable run in the SEC tournament may have saved Dennis Felton's job, writes Stewart Mandel.

ESPN's Pat Forde offers his best and worst case scenarios for all 64 teams. Here's take on Vandy is pretty funny.

Mike MacAdam writes that playing teams like Memphis, Syracuse, and Stanford has given Siena confidence. How does a 101-58 blowout loss to Memphis inspire a team?

It's been quite a while since Vanderbilt has returned to the tourney in back to back years, as Maurice Patton writes.

Joe Biddle explains that Vanderbilt must rebound better to reach the Sweet 16.

Unlike most experts, Gary Parrish likes the Dores, even if it's not sexy.

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Aram Hanessian said...

That hoops addict draft is an absolute mess. Aside from the obvious mistake of Shan as a lottery pick, he has two consensus top 10 picks outside the top 15 in DeAndre Jordan(17th) and Anthony Randolphy (on the cusp???). From the looks of things Shan is looking more like a mid-second rounder like has as well as ESPN's Chad Ford. I think an interesting question is how the hell did JJ Redick go 14th, hes really not that different than Shan other than his ability to get to and convert from the line and hes an awful defender. I think the answer probably is something about where he went to school.

Jarred Amato said...

Great point on Reddick, no disagreement here. Another thing to look at is this: who's a better pro -- Shan Foster or Derrick Byars? If you asked me last year, it would've been Byars hands down. He was an above-average shooter, solid defender and a good ball-handler with good size. However, the fact that DB still hasn't latched on with an NBA team suggests that while he was pretty good at everything, he didn't excel at anything. For guys like DB to make it as bench players in the NBA, they need to have a specialty (shooter, rebounder, defender, passer, etc.). Shan's certainly got that, which is why I think he has a chance to stick as a shooter off the bench at the next level.

Chip Robie said...

Indeed it is a mess. He seems to downplay potential and instead awards his draft based on season accolades. Great comparison, too. Equally perplexing is that Sheldon Williams went No. 5 overall a couple years back. You'd think NBA executives would learn a lesson from drafting mediocre talent from Duke (this has been a recurring trend).

Chip Robie said...

Good point, Jarred. Regarding the Byars-Foster discussion, you sort of know what you're going to get with Foster. Could he perhaps become a Daniel Gibson type player? Byars was marginally more athletic than his competition in college, but his abilities were clearly quickly overshadowed in the ranks of the NBA. Foster, meanwhile, won't have that issue with his shooting ability--and his 3-pt numbers are every bit as good as Reddick's were. While Foster has been good on defense this year, he's not Byars equal in this regard. Moreover, he doesn't have the passing ability of Byars. Call me crazy, but I think Foster--all things equal--has a better chance of earning a spot on the bench (for the reasons you mentioned), but that Byars was a better college basketball player.