Thursday, March 20, 2008

Q & A with Christina Wirth

Before the fourth-seeded Commodores take on Montana Saturday, junior forward Christina Wirth talked with The Sports VU about a number of topics, including the motivation from last year's loss and her favorite part about March Madness.

Q: You guys were obviously expecting to be in the tournament, but what was it like to wait until the final region to hear your name called?

A: I thought it was actually kind of fun. In previous years, our team was called relatively early in the selection show so the suspense never had a chance to build. This year we had to wait until the last regional so there was plenty of time to speculate about possible matchups and things like that.

Q: What seed were you guys anticipating and how pleased are you with how things turned out?

A: I think that we were expecting about a 4 or a 5 seed, so getting a 4 seed was great. Personally, I'm really happy with our seeding. I think that we are in a good position. Also, Albuquerque is the closest first and second round site to Arizona (where I'm from) so geographically, it's nice for me.

Q: It's been a while since you guys have a played a game. What have you done to stay focused?

A: We have been practicing very hard. Our team is extremely competitive so when we compete at practice, we really go at it. I think in a lot of ways, practice is harder than games, so I am confident that the intensity of our practices has prepared us for our upcoming games.

Q: How much does losing in the second round last year motivate you all now?

A: It motivates us a lot. Obviously this is a different team than last year, but there are still quite a few players who were on that team and who remember how it felt to lose so early last year. We have talked about that, and that has helped to motivate us to get better and work on our weaknesses during the break between SECs and NCAAs so that we go into the tournament hungry. At the same time, we are not focused on last year. We are excited about this team and the opportunities that we have ahead of us.

Q: I sense that you are guys are very good defensively and unselfish on offense. What do you see as your team's strengths and what will it take for you guys do make a deep tourney run?

A: Like you said, we are a very good defensive team, and that has been our bread and butter this year. In order for us to make a deep tourney run, we need to dictate on the defensive end of the floor, rebound well and take care of the ball.

Q: I'm sure you guys are close with the men's team. Who would you say is the funniest player on their team?

A: Alan Metcalfe is very outgoing and goofy so I would probably say him.

Q: What is your favorite part about March Madness?

A: March Madness is a lot of fun. Anything can happen so that by itself makes these games so much fun to play in. I love all of the upsets, and I love the way that it forces you to bring your A game every single night.

Q: What's the best class you've taken at Vandy?

A: HOD 2510 – Health Services to Diverse Populations.

Q: If you could play pick-up with any four people in the world, who would you take?

A: Jen Risper, Steve Nash, Michael Jordan, Lebron James.

Q: Favorite song?

A: Audience of One (Big Daddy Weave).

Q: Favorite place to eat in Nashville?

A: P.F. Chang's.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: I have lots of favorites. Disney movies, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Meet the Robinson's, Remember the Titans, Prince of Egypt – to name a few.

Q: Favorite sports team (other than Vandy)?

A: Phoenix Suns.

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