Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Seeds

If there is anything more futile than predicting who will be in it’s where they will be seeded. So I’m doing this for really the sole purpose of being ridiculed after I completely fuck it up. I will not be investigating as to whether Coppin St. should lose in the play in game or to a 1 seed, so I will only be going through the top 12 lines or until I run out of at-larges, whichever comes later. The 1 seeds will be in order, the rest will not, also this is done on the assumption of wins today by UNC, Kansas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin, although the Big 12 winner doesn’t really matter.

1: UNC, UCLA, Memphis, Tennessee
2: Texas, Kansas, Georgetown, Duke
3: Xavier, Wisconsin, Stanford, Louisville (barely over Pitt)
4: Pittsburgh, Washington St., Clemson, Drake
5: UCONN, Butler, Indiana, Arkansas
6: Vanderbilt, Michigan St., Kent St., Notre Dame (we’ll call it the nationally overrated line)
7: Purdue, USC, Oklahoma, Marquette
8: UNLV, Gonzaga, WVU, BYU
9: Miami, St. Mary’s, St. Josephs, Texas A&M
10: Baylor, Mississippi St., Arizona, Davidson
11: Temple, Villanova, South Alabama, Ohio St.
12: Syracuse, WKU, Arizona St., George Mason

Jacob of Vegas Watch (through Rob) points us to a table summarizing the brackets of pretty much every college basketball pundit in the world. The final update will come at 4:30 CT today.


Greg Viverito said...

I think Kent St. might be a little overseeded here....I'm thinking 7-10 range at best....

Jarred Amato said...

With Arkansas most likely losing today (they're down 34-19), I'm sure it messes your field and seeds up. I don't see Arkansas getting a better seed than Vandy. It will also be interesting to see where Georgia gets placed. Man, this is crazy.

Greg Viverito said...

The great Lunardi really gave it to you on that one...

I'm convinced someone tipped him off though, first time he's hit em all in history...