Monday, March 17, 2008

Commodore Banter (3/17)

Here's what Vegas says about the odds.

Who do you think is Vanderbilt's X-factor?

Some seem to think Tennessee was snubbed a 1-seed for its less than dominating run in the SEC tournament, writes Matt Wilson.

Siena is pretty excited to be a No. 13 seed, writes Mike MacAdam.

One analyst left Vanderbilt off his top 25 but listed Shan as an All-American.

Shan Foster still sees the Dores as underdogs, writes Brett Hait.

Matt Jenkins lists Tennessee as the team to hate and Siena as a sleeper in his blog. When I read articles like this, it's funny how different characters size up sleepers. What goes into their thinking? Sometimes I think it's merely that someone thinks a team could upset a higher seeded team, making it a sleeper team!

Happy birthday, Vanderbilt!

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