Saturday, April 5, 2008

Commodore Banter (4/5)

The Women's tennis team swept the No. 17 Vols on Friday afternoon, but men's tennis wasn't so lucky.    

CBS thoroughly analyzes Chris Williams as an NFL prospect.

Shan Foster hit four three pointers in the college all star game.    

Feeling a little school pride?  Now you can purchase a Vandy ringtone.  

Pat Forde discusses Kevin Love and Derrick Rose in this piece, and notes how odd it is that soon to be millionaires are still considered "student athletes."

ESPN's "experts" run through their predictions and discuss both who they'd start a team with and which player matchup is most intriguing in tonight's contests.  

In case you missed our...

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David Shochat said...

They would start their team with Hansbrough? Yeah right! Give me Rose...he is going to be the next Chris Paul in the NBA. He will single-handedly turn a franchise around.