Monday, March 31, 2008

Commodore Banter (3/31)

Louis Hart leaped over Tim Byrne and others in The Sports VU Facebook Tourney Bracket.

In the annual Black & Gold scrimmage, the defense impressed and a quarterback not named Nickson or Mackenzi played well.

Nick Cromydas was the hero of the day for the Men's tennis team. Coach Duvenhage had this to say: "I've coached a lot of great players, I've coached a lot of NCAA champions and there may be some players out there that are more talented than (Cromydas), there may have been players that I've coached that have prettier games, but there aren't any that are tougher."

As reported in an earlier entry, Shan Foster will be participating in the 3-Point Championship. While Shan Foster's unorthodox shot is great for getting over people, I'm not sure how conducive it is to getting off quickly. Within the same piece, the participants in the dunk contest are listed, which includes the likes of Joey Dorsey, James Gist, and Deron Washington.

It was a long day of baseball for the Commodores, but worthwhile all the same as they notched two victories.

Brett Hait writes that hell would freeze over before Indiana would hire Stallings.

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