Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Video of the Day: Why I Hate Tennessee

With the Commodores' disappointing exit from the tournament and a lack of meaningless Vandy basketball predictions to fill up my time, I am forced to find new ways to put off the things I should actually be doing. With things quieting down now, Jarred and I are going to try and help you do the same by posting an amusing video or picture every day. Usually it won't be related to Vanderbilt, sometimes it won't even be related to sports, but hey, we could all use a laugh. And maybe you'll even find some other good blogs out there because of it...

Some of you may have already seen today's entry, but I think it's worthwhile nonetheless. Plus it's about hating Tennessee, and who doesn't? They some snitches!

Thanks to Deadspin for the find


Jarred Amato said...

I'm not a dog person!

Greg Viverito said...

...and I don't even like pumpkins

David Rutz said...

NAY-land stadium...i love it

David Shochat said...

They snitches!!!!

It's that throw-up orange!!!
I don't even like pumpkins!!!