Thursday, March 27, 2008

Q&A with Ryan Preston and Vijay Paul

Vanderbilt's top two tennis players--Ryan Preston and Vijay Paul--played a little Q&A with The Sports VU and reflected on the season so far, their favorite courses, and debunked the myth that it's not a storage facility adjacent to the Student Recreational Center.

Sports VU:
What's something that the average Vanderbilt student doesn't know about the tennis team?
Vijay Paul: Ah this is tough, I don't think many people realize we have indoor tennis courts--they think it's a storage building.
Ryan Preston: That big warehouse building across from the parking garage houses indoor tennis courts. I run into a lot of people who think it's a storage facility.

SV: Funniest member of the team?
Scott Lieberman and Andy Pulido battle for our hearts.
Scott Lieberman

SV: How hard can you guys serve?
Me, only about 100 mph, the bigger the guy the harder.

SV: Biggest win in your career?
First round of main draw at this Pro tournament in India in May 06.
Biggest win was over Tennessee a couple years ago. We went to Knoxville with only five guys(you need 6) and still beat them. Everybody played great and nothing makes me happier than to beat UT.

SV: Have you guys matched your expectations thus far in the season?
No, there have been flashes of what we are capable of, but we haven't all been on the same page at one time yet--it will come.
We started out well and then hit a couple bumps in the last few SEC matches. But we had a good win against Alabama last weekend, so we're hoping to feed off that as we move into the toughest part of our season.

SV: Favorite Class at Vanderbilt?
Hist 213 - Medieval Europe
RP: I like science and really enjoyed Astronomy taught by professor Weintraub.

SV: What are you listening to on your iPods right now?
Mostly Rap: Wu-Tang Clan, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Edan, John Coltrane.
RP: Always listening to all genres.

SV: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
To be honest, I don't plan too much ahead. Hopefully happily playing tennis somewhere in Europe.
A better question is where do I see myself in a couple months? I'm still working on it.

SV: Favorite surface?
Red Clay.
Fast indoor courts because it makes it a lot easier to serve well.

SV: If you could hit with one pro in the world, who would it be against?
Gael Monfils (French guy).
RP: I'd like to see what it's like to hit against Nadal.

SV: Favorite school to play against?
RP: SEC wins are the best, but being from up north, I also love playing Big Ten teams and reminding them why the SEC is the best and deepest conference in the land.

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