Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Commodore Banter (3/25)

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One 'Dores basketball team reaches the Sweet 16.

The SEC can recover from a down year in basketball, writes Ray Melick.

Check here to read about where Chris Williams fits in the first round.

There's word in Brett Hait's article that Williams scored a 32 on the Wonderlic test, which eclipsed all other offensive linemen.

Bennett and Goff met with Titans team officials on Monday, who are both on the cusp of the second round.

The outspoken Rick Pitino is sick of the talk that he didn't recruit Chris Lofton, but offered a peculiar remark: "Oh, I can assure you we recruited him hard," Pitino said. "Chris knows we recruited him hard. His parents know we recruited him hard. I don't know why (some people) say that. But I'm very happy for Chris. How could he have had a better career if he'd gone to Louisville?"

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Will Gibbons said...

At first I thought Billy was a little crazy. But after seeing the Commodores put up that stinker against Siena, I think maybe a kick in the behind from Stallings to this team after one of the team's bad games (@UT, @Florida, @Alabama come to mind) would have had some long term benefits. I'm not saying make them practice at the REC for losing to Alabama, but I just got the feeling all year that this team was satisfied with itself and not particularly hungry.

Jarred Amato said...

Gibbons, you might be right. Making it to the Sweet 16 a year ago and starting this season 16-0 seemed to give the Commodores a sense of complacency that Stallings just couldn't rid of. Maybe a tirade or two wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world...

Anonymous said...

I noticed this at the beginning of the year. There were a few times in which we squeaked by inferior opponents, mainly due to poor defense. Then in reading the postgame quotes, players would talk about how great they felt the team was under pressure and how Vanderbilt was "the best team in the country" in tight situations. To have close games with teams like UT-Martin or Tennessee State, and then to feel satisfied about it rather than simply relieved to win seemed to give off a vibe of complacency to me.
Maybe I was reading too much into the pressers, but it sticks out as something in my mind. And since the defense never did get corrected, although it was decent during the SEC winning streak, it seems like they might have gotten complacent. Once Beal and Gordon hit their slumps at the end of the year, the Commodores weren't going to be able to outscore their foes. Defensive intensity was going to have to be what got the team through all that.