Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SEC Power Rankings: Week 2

After two weeks of play, here's a look at how this committee of one thinks thinks the Southeastern Conference teams stack up. Who would have thought that Vanderbilt would be ranked this high? For another power ranking, check out our good friends at

1. Florida (2-0): The only concern is that the Gators still haven't found a running back other to take the load off that Tebow kid. Oh yea, and Warren Sapp called Urban Meyer a "classless dirtbag."

2. Georgia (2-0): This video says all you need to know about Knowshon Moreno.

3. LSU (1-0): Football just hasn't seemed as important after Hurricane Gustav swept through Louisiana. The Tigers return to action for the first time since August 30 when they smashed Appalachian State.

4. Auburn (2-0): Looks like the Tigers are going to stick with quarterback Chris Todd, who impressed in his first start last weekend against Southern Miss. But, as much as talk as there's been about the revamped offense, Auburn's strength is still its "D."

5. Alabama (2-0): The Tide didn't look nearly as impressive against Tulane, but a win is a win.

6. Vanderbilt (2-0, 1-0 SEC): The best part about Vanderbilt's 24-17 victory over South Carolina? Watching the offensive line dominate when the game mattered most. How often have you seen a Commodore squad do that?

7. Kentucky (2-0): Coach Rich Brooks thinks the Wildcats deserve more respect for their 2-0 start. If UK wins in SEC play, the notoriety will come.

8. Tennessee (0-1): Tennessee seems to do best when it's counted out. At least that's what Phillip Fulmer and the rest of Vol Nation is hoping...

9. Ole Miss (1-1): The Rebels were three seconds away from pulling off a huge win in Winston-Salem. Despite the loss, there's a lot to like about this squad, Jevan Snead in particular.

10. South Carolina (1-1):
Forget click-clack. For Steve Spurrier, it's more like tick-tock. That is, time's running out in Columbia, especially if he keeps losing to Vandy.

11. Mississippi State (1-1): The Bulldogs bounced back with a 34-10 victory over Southeastern Louisiana, but I'm still not sold on their offense.

12. Arkansas (2-0):
Don't let their record fool you. The Razorbacks are not very good.

Last week:
1. Florida 2. Georgia 3. LSU 4. Alabama 5. Auburn 6. South Carolina 7. Kentucky 8. Ole Miss 9. Vanderbilt 10. Tennessee 11. Arkansas 12. Mississippi State

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