Monday, September 8, 2008

One-on-one with Reshard Langford

Caught up with senior safety Reshard Langford this afternoon. The co-captain talked about a bunch of topics, including his admiration for Bobby Johnson and the rest of the coaching staff, the great play of his roommate Jared Hawkins and why he did not consider the Dores' 24-17 victory over South Carolina an upset.

What have you learned about your defense through two games?

Reshard Langford:
We learned that everybody out there wants to win. If I'm tired, I'm pretty sure my defensive linemen is tired and I know that they're not going to give up. We have that bond between each other as teammates that we're not going to give up regardless of what's going on out there. That willingness to win is what's going on right now with our defense.

Can you describe the feeling you had on Thursday night?

RL: It was fun. It was a great win. I'm not so much speechless, but there's just not much I can say about it. It was a great win and great for our program.

While last week's game should give you guys confidence, do you try to forget about it now?

RL: We can't play last week's game this week. We played South Carolina, that was a good win for us. Now we have to prepare for Rice because we know they're not who South Carolina was. I think you've just got to forget about it and prepare for the next week.

How many text messages do you think you got after the game?

RL: I charted this as a matter of fact. Miami of Ohio game I think I had 17 text messages. I had 19 text messages and one call after this past game so it was fun.

What did it mean to you to see how excited coach Johnson was after the game on Thursday?

RL: I was extremely happy for him and the rest of the coaches because they work so hard and put so much work into preparing the game plan for us and preparing our practices and setting stuff up for us so that we just have to go out there and execute. My hat's off to those coaches. It's a great reward for them as much as it is for us.

I feel like you guys don't see last week's game as an upset. Is that accurate?

We expected it. We don't expect to lose going into any game and certainly didn't expect to lose Thursday night. We work hard and put that work in so we know that we're going to get the results out of what we put in. We weren't expecting anything less.

What about the defense has impressed you most?

RL: The toughness has impressed me the most. Thursday night was a hot night and I know a lot of guys were going out cramping and when they went out, other guys came in and the tempo was still going the same as it was.

How pleased have you been with the younger players thus far?

RL: The way that we practice is the way that we play. Everybody's been practicing hard and it's just showing up on Thursdays.

On the other side of the ball, what it was like watching Jared seal the victory with two big first downs?

RL: Me being his roommate, I know Jared a little more personally than everybody else and I know that his willpower and how he plays is going to show. I know that he works hard and he showed it Thursday and obviously he was one of the better players on the offense and he helped us a lot.

How does it feel to see him enjoying success that you know he deserves?

RL: It makes me feel good because I know his struggles and things that he goes through. Him playing good, him doing well, has been great for us and great for him too, and I'm hoping it's building his confidence as a running back.

What do you like most about the way he plays?

RL: His attitude. He's very humble about what he does and he's a great running back.

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