Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three Dores sign as free agents

While every player dreams of getting drafted, it actually benefits them to go undrafted as opposed to getting picked in the sixth or seventh round. Now, they'll get to sign as free agents with teams that they may actually have a chance to stick around with.

So far three Dores have found new homes and others, including Gabe Hall, Brian Stamper and Josh Eames, are currently in discussions with teams.
  • Defensive tackle Theo Horrocks signed with the Jacksonvile Jaguars.
  • Curtis Gatewood signed with the Washington Redskins, where he will play outside linebacker.
  • Outside linebacker Marcus Buggs was picked up by the Buffalo Bills.

Check out Brett Hait's story in The Nashville City Paper about Buggs and Gatewood. Both players deserve a shot in the NFL and we wouldn't be surprised to see either of them stick around with their respective teams.

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