Tuesday, April 29, 2008

UPDATE: NBA Draft Countdown: Who's In/Who's Out

With the NBA Draft coming up in June, here's a look at the underclassmen who declared by the April 27 deadline. Now, players who have not hired an agent have until June 16 to withdraw.

A few thoughts:
  • With the NBA age requirement, there are now even more talented underclassmen, which makes it harder for seniors (like Shan Foster) to get drafted.
  • Unless they're a lock for the first round, it'd be wise for underclassmen to consider sticking around for another year. A lot of the players you see on the "In for now" list will end up coming back.
  • For those of you think it would be wise for players to stay in school, read this column and this one. I bet you'll think differently afterwards.
  • ESPN's Chad Ford talks to scouts and executives to get a read on where prospects may land in the draft. You can check it out here.
In for good (15)
Jerryd Bayless, Arizona (FR)
Michael Beasley, Kansas State (FR)
Chase Budinger, Arizona (SO)
Derrick Caracter, Louisville (SO)
Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis (JR)
Eric Gordon, Indiana (FR)
Brook Lopez, Stanford (SO)
Robin Lopez, Stanford (SO)
Kevin Love, UCLA (FR)
O.J. Mayo, USC (FR)
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, UCLA (JR)
JaVale McGee, Nevada (SO)
Anthony Randolph, LSU (FR)
Derrick Rose, Memphis (FR)
Brandon Rush, Kansas (JR)

In for now (32)
AJ Abrams, Texas (JR)
Antonio Anderson, Memphis (JR)
D.J. Augustin, Texas (SO)
Joe Alexander, West Virginia (JR)
Ryan Anderson, California (SO)
Darrell Arthur, Kansas (SO)
Josh Carter, Texas A&M (JR)
DeMarre Carroll, Missouri (JR)
Robert Dozier, Memphis (JR)
Mario Chalmers, Kansas (JR)
Wayne Ellington, UNC (SO)
Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State (JR)
Danny Green, UNC (JR)
Donte Green, Syracuse (FR)
Richard Hendrix, Alabama (JR)
J.J. Hickson, N.C. State (FR)
Lester Hudson, UT-Martin (JR)
Shawn James, Duquesne (JR)
Davon Jefferson, USC (FR)
DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M (FR)
Kosta Koufus, Ohio State (FR)
Ty Lawson, UNC (SO)
Jerel McNeal, Marquette (JR)
Jeremy Pargo, Gonzaga (JR)
Trent Plaisted, BYU (JR)
Josh Shipp, UCLA (JR)
Marresse Speights, Florida (SO)
Ronald Steele, Alabama (JR)
Robert Vaden, UAB (JR)
Lorenzo Wade, SDSU (JR)
Bill Walker, Kansas State (FR)
Russell Westbrook, UCLA (SO)

Back for another year (Notables)
Earl Clark, Louisville (SO)
Darren Collison, ULCA (SO)
Steph Curry, Davidson (SO)
Taj Gibson, USC (SO)
Blake Griffin, Oklahoma (FR)
Tyler Hansbrough, UNC (JR)
James Harden, Arizona State (FR)
Eric Maynor, VCU (JR)
AJ Ogilvy, Vanderbilt (FR)
Jeff Pendergraph, ASU (JR)
Tyresse Rice, Boston College (JR)
Tyler Smith, Tennessee (SO)
Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut (SO)
Terrence Williams, Louisville (JR)
Sam Young, Pittsburgh (JR)
Note: I should have a 2008-09 SEC Preview up later this week.


Aram Hanessian said...

I'm sad to say Donte Greene is in for good, he's hiring an agent

Aram Hanessian said...

Also, c'mon buddy, Kevin Love announced he was stayin in like 7 hours before you wrote this.

David Rutz said...

CDR announced today he's declaring for the NBA draft