Monday, April 14, 2008

Paying SEC football coaches

Last week, we ranked the 12 Southeastern Conference football coaches. Now, we'll take a look at how they are compensated, with their national rank in parentheses (thanks to Coaches Hot Seat for the numbers).

1. Les Miles, LSU: $3,751,000 (3)
2. Nick Saban, Alabama: 3,750,000 (4)
3. Urban Meyer, Florida: $3,384,000 (6)
4. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas: $2,850,000 (9)
5. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn: 2,825,000 (10)
6. Mark Richt, Georgia: $2,800,000 (11)
7. Philip Fulmer, Tennessee: $2,200,000 (16)
8. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina: $1,773,000 (25)
9. Houston Nutt, Arkansas: $1,700,000 (29)
10. Rich Brooks, Kentucky: $1,056,000 (56)
11. Slyvester Croom, Mississippi State: $975,000 (65)
12. Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt: $950,000 (66)

A few thoughts:
  • I found it funny that Les Miles' new contract pays $1,000 more per year than former LSU coach Nick Saban, making him the highest-compensated coach in the SEC.
  • The fact six of the 11 highest-paid coaches in the nation hail from the SEC shows just how important football is in the South. Winning is everything, which is why programs will do whatever it takes to ensure that they have a high-caliber coach.
  • Underpaid: Steve Spurrier
  • Overpaid: Bobby Petrino
What do you guys think? What surprised you the most? Who is the best bargain (if you can call $2,000,000 a bargain)? Who has the most to prove? Leave your comments below.


Anonymous said...

how about the fact that the SEC has 9 of the top 30 salaries nationally? Think football isn't important in the south?

Dan H said...

with all that money 'Bama is paying Saban they better improve on 7-6 (4-4) next year

David Shochat said...

I think Richt and Tuberville are pretty good values. They are great coaches. I think Spurrier is a steal for that price. He is a genius when it comes to maximizing his talent and exposing the other team's weakness (i think back when they beat us down for 2006 Homecoming). Fulmer is overpaid. I would pay him closer to Spurrier maybe a little less. I said it before and i will say it again, I don't think Fulmer is a good coach. He has great athletes and assistants which make him look good. Cutcliffe and Chavis ran that team last year... Look for fat Phil to be on the hot seat next season again.

Tony Arnold said...

Rich Brooks is the best value. For what he is doing at UK which until his arrival was right there with VU as the two worst teams in the SEC, you have to rank him pretty high on the value list.

Phil Fulmer is way overpaid, especially given the trouble his players are always in and his grad rates. He should have several national titles with the talent he has had. Look at the great tailbacks and quarterbacks he has had, but his title is with Tee Martin?

But I am a little biased as a Vandy fan.

David Shochat said...

Rich Brooks definitely looked like a good value last year, BUT I would like to see him without Woodson. I think Woodson made him look good. I think UK will come back to earth this season. I would say he is just right not overpaid but not underpaid... If VU wants to have a chance at a bowl next year the game @ UK will be a must win imo.

Jarred Amato said...

Great call on Brooks. He's a classy guy, very knowledgeable and has a done tremendous job turning around the UK program. To get people in Lexington to care about football is quite and accomplishment. And Shochat, even if the Wildcats take a slight dip this season, I don't think will diminish Brooks' value.

As for Fulmer, you guys are right. I wouldn't want him running my program, although since I listed him as the seventh best coach, the fact that he was the seventh highest paid made some sense.

Richt and the underrated Tuberville are definitely good values as is the Ol Ball Coach.

The bottom line is that the SEC is full of excellent (and well-compensated) coaches.