Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dores push through rough stretch

Vanderbilt (21-10, 5-6 Southeastern Conference) will not have as many victories or All-Americans as it did a year ago when it went 46-10 and won the SEC regular season and tournament titles, nor will it finish as high in the rankings.

But, in a sport that depends so much on being hot at the right time, it will still have a chance to accomplish the only goal that matters - getting to Omaha - as long as it continues to get better. Winning midweek games over Western Kentucky and Austin Peay was certainly a good start.

Make sure to check out my column on about Vandy's ability to stay focused on the big picture, even during a losing streak.

"I told the kids, 'We didn't go through this last year,'" said coach Tim Corbin. "Maybe we should have. Maybe it would've helped us. Now we're going through some tougher times that I think if we can withstand them, will make us a much better ball club."

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