Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vandy Secondary getting a lot of respect

Two years ago, many around Vandy felt that the secondary was a major weakness so much so that two freshmen played major minutes. What a difference two years makes as D.J. Moore and Myron Lewis have become two of the best corners in the nation. Check out this ranking by The site ranks Vanderbilt's secondary number three in the nation behind only national champion contenders Ohio State and Southern Cal!!! Let's hope Scout is right and the Vandy secondary lives up to the hype. They have the talent that's for sure.

Here is another great link from Chris Low of where he talks to D.J., Coach Johnson, and Broderick Stewart.

Broderick says that as long as he stays healthy, Vandy are going to a bowl. Gotta love the optimism.

D.J. talks about his added role this upcoming season and how he has done more off-season conditioning to prepare.

Great interview with CBJ. I don't love the guy, but you can't knock his character, how much he has improved Vandy football, or the way he represents the university.


Tony Arnold said...

I don't love the guy, but you can't knock his character, . . .

Curious, what's not to love about Bobby?

I do love the guy, although I don't agree with every on-the-field decisions. But what do I know? How can I second guess the guy who has the most info about the team?

Unknown said...

Good interviews, and if we have a D-Line that plays fast and with a lot of swagger, that'll keep us in a lot of ballgames regardless of what the offense is doing.
Yes Bobby/Ted Cain can upset us by not going for the kill vs UT last year etc, but looking big picture, he's done some great work at Vandy. People gotta understand that Vanderbilt is in some ways the hardest coaching job in D-1.
What we could use is just one assistant who is a fiery guy, a tireless recruiter, a poor man's Will Muschamp. The "one day at a time mentality" is good most of the time, but some days you need that extra yelling. I love how Bobby runs the program so the next assistant he hires needs to be that feisty type to compliment his style.

David Shochat said...

I say I don't love him because I don't think he is a very good gameday coach, and he seems senile and doesn't know what is going on with his own program at times. I don't think he is a great head coach in that he doesn't seem to be that leader of the program. I think he is just kind of a figure head and the assistants/coordinators do most of the work. I could be dead wrong but that is the impression I have gotten over the last 2 years.

I agree with Will about the Muschamp type. I think Kitchings is doing wonders for recruiting because he is young...not sure if he is a yeller. I personally think we need a fresh face as offensive coordinator. The play calling the last two years have been just wayyyyyyy too vanilla.

Tony Arnold said...

Senile is a bit harsh and exaggerative don't you think?