Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pedro Alvarez Negotiations

If there was any hope Pedro Alvarez might sign a major league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates, it might be fading, writes Dejan Kovacevi of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  

  • The reason: Drafted players can have their contracts fully rescinded if a physical taken after the signing discovers a major issue, but only if those are minor league contracts. The same is not true of major league contracts.
  • With Major League Baseball's signing deadline at midnight tomorrow, some progress probably would have been needed toward a major league contract by yesterday to afford the time to arrange and perform the physical. But no major league contract was known to have been offered, as of yesterday afternoon.

As tenuous as this reason may seem, for an organization such as the Pirates with a such limited resources, an investment of the magnitude required to sign a Scott Boras client (Pedro Alvarez) must be made with extreme caution.  If Alvarez were offered a minor league contract, it would hard be imagining the deal going through because of Boras.  

That said, the Pirates would receive the No. 3 overall pick in the 2009 MLB draft if they are unable to come to terms with Alvarez.  Let's hope he signs, especially considering the Pirates' dire need for a quality bat, but some more majestic shots at Hawkins Field wouldn't exactly be a bad thing.  


Braddock said...

Where are the possibilities of where Pedro might be? Pittsburgh? Minor league? Home? VU! Thanks.

Aram Hanessian said...

Not signing a major league deal isn't really a big deal, Matt Wieters and Jered Weaver (both Boras clients) signed minor league deals and they've done ok for themselves. Pedro will sign tomorrow and then go to instructional leagues then play in a summer league, possibly follow in Wieters footsteps and play in the Hawaiian winter league.