Monday, August 4, 2008

Commodore Banter (8/4)

A few links to pass along on this Monday morning...

To understand what Chris Nickson went through in 2007 what a type of person he is, check out this story by The Tennessean's Mo Patton.

"When you've been through what I've been through, you no longer play for the people that criticized you," Nickson said. "I have nothing to prove to anybody except the God I live for. No longer are people involved in what I do. That changed over the past season."

Brett Hait of The Nashville City Paper has a great feature on Reshard Langford, the leader of the Commodore defense.

Center Bradley Vierling plans to take his co-captaincy seriously, write Mo Patton of The Tennessean.

"Nobody likes being put down, but it's how you're going to respond to it," he said. "We're the dog of the SEC and we like it, and we're going to come and bite you. We kinda' dislike it, but it gives us fuel for the fire and we're ready to burn something up."

D.J. Moore spent Sunday's practice with wide receivers and fielding punts, a sign that Moore will be doing pretty much everything for the Commodores this fall.

Hait has more tidbits in this football notebook. Among them:

* The defense dominated Saturday's practice
* Freshman WR John Cole is living up to the hype
* This will be the final season for redshirt junior Jake Bradford

Vanderbilt has become a haven for football players looking for a change of scenery, writes Patton. The Commodores have four transfers this season, third most in the SEC.

"Academics are taken more seriously here," said Andrew Diomande, who will play this fall as a senior after transferring from Clemson. "Clemson was more lenient toward football players. Here, everyone's at the same level. I had to get adjusted to that."

In baseball news, David Price improved to 10-0 in 14 Minor League starts. He gave up one up run on four hits and struck out a career-high 10 over seven brilliant innings Saturday.

"[Price] doesn't expect to have bad outings," Biscuits catcher Matt Spring told the Montgomery Advertiser. "He said earlier in the year that he expects a perfect game every start and that's the attitude he shows every time. You can't teach his drive on the mound."


Tony Arnold said...

I knew Nickson was more hurt than was publized and I agree with CBJ, they put him in a tough spot along with Adams.

I feel very bad for Nickson. I am disgusted when fans boo their own team. I get just as angry and frustrated at VU at times as anyone and I verbalize it, but never by insulting or booing the players who are giving there all for my school.

I might yell, "Come on coach, why don't you . . . But I never boo my team.

Nickson really deserves a great year. I think he is going to get it.

Jarred Amato said...

I hope so, Tony. Nickson's honesty is refreshing. He could've given up and started blaming other people, but instead chose to work harder. I'm certainly pulling for him.

Anonymous said...

People should remember just how amazing Chris can be when he's on. He's also an incredibly smart kid. If he can master pocket presence and get some more accuracy throwing downfield, we could surprise some teams this year.