Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Videos of the Day: Top 5 Individual Moments of 2007

I don't know why I'd be nostalgic for the '07 football season, but I put this together anyway. I thought these were the top 5 individual Vanderbilt moments/performances of 2007.

5. Earl Bennett cements his legend

No. 10 made a diving catch in traffic for reception 209 to make himself the all-time SEC receptions leader. In all the years of the illustrious Southeastern Conference, no one has made more catches in their career than Bennett. It's been said a lot, but that really is an incredible achievement.

4. Nickson starts the year out right

Chris Nickson didn't have a memorable season, but his season-opener against the Spiders was about as good as a game a QB can have. Nickson was 19/26 for 284 yards and passed for four touchdowns, and Bennett set a school record with 223 yards receiving. Best pass is at 2:20.

3. D.J. Moore soumersalts into the end zone

D.J. picked off EMU QB Andy Schmitt and did a Reggie Bush into the end zone. Pretty cool stuff. It's at 3:50.

2. Defense puts on a show in Columbia as Vanderbilt gets biggest upset since the 1930s

Not really an individual performance but this merits mentioning. Vanderbilt put 17 points on the board, then the defense took over and absolutely stifled the (then) No. 6 South Carolina Gamecocks. The Commodores had seven sacks, three interceptions, forced a fumble, and held the Cocks to 1-12 on third-down conversions. Vandy finally got the best of the Ol' Ball Coach; this also began the period when South Carolina, to quote Stewie Griffin, collapsed into itself like a neutron star.

1. The Sean Walker Show

Hey, look what happens when the Commodores open up the playbook. Walker showcased his speed with his first touchdown on a double reverse to give Vanderbilt the lead on Homecoming. His other touchdown was the No. 1 play on SportsCenter that night, and it might have been the greatest catch of the year for the whole conference. His older brother made this video, and a familiar face introduced the Vanderbilt players for ESPN that day.

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