Monday, July 14, 2008

Vegas not liking Vandy this year

We will have more than enough preseason football coverage coming up later in the summer, but wanted to direct people over to Vegas Watch for some evidence that it could be a long year for the 2008 football Dores.

Vegas lists the over/under win totals for a number of teams as calculated by sports book The Greek. Out of the 48 Bowl Championship Subdvision (yeah I said it) teams that were listed, Vandy came in last at 3 wins. 3 wins. 3. Wins.

I'm not expecting much this year, but wow, even fellow SEC whipping boys Ole Miss and Mississippi State come in at 5.5 and 7 wins respectively. Take a look at his graphs to see how the juice affects these numbers and for his calculation of true expected wins (Vandy's is 3.1).

Hey at least Vandy got a special shout out, even though it was for its calculated probability of going winless, coming in at an alarmingly high 2.9%.

So let me pose the question to you...OVER or UNDER???


Greg Viverito said...

Let me be the first...OVER

Unknown said...

over by 1
They can't go winless in the SEC

Aram Hanessian said...

i'm only takin the over if McSlizzy is startin

Greg Viverito said...

Adams with a breakout year, priming himself for future Arena League glory. I think so.

Unknown said...

i'll play debbie downer and say under. 2-10. we beat rice and duke. we'll give some teams a scare, but in the end it's 2-10.

Jarred Amato said...

I'm with Alex, no way the Dores go winless in the SEC, especially with the athletes they have on defense, although if they drop the opener at Miami, winning 4 games would be quite the accomplishment.

Also, how is Ole Miss 2.5 wins better than Vandy?

Tony Arnold said...

I am going with a 5-7 season. I think they will play better than some people anticpate but will continue to struggle winning close games.

I think Bobby and his staff have a more fundamentally sound and disciplined team now. We still find ways to have that one big breakdown at key moments, but overall we make fewer mistakes than we used to. Also, if the defense continues to play a more aggressive philosophy v. bend-don't-break, we will create turnovers.

I am overly optimistic. Always am. Keeps me buying season tickets.