Monday, June 23, 2008

Video of the Day: Move over Usher, Shan Foster to go platinum

In his spare time, Shan Foster decided to write a song about the upcoming NBA Draft (Thursday at 7 p.m. CT). "The Truth" never ceases to amaze us.

Here are the lyrics to Foster's new hit single "I can't wait to play in the NBA"

I can't wait to play in the NBA (2X)

I'm waiting for the draft
working hard to improve to my craft
From New Orleans to Tennessee
I'm the best at shooting the three
I'll take you off the dribble, pass my man
I'm in the lane, now watch me slam

I can't wait to play in the NBA (2X)

Just as a kid, watching TV
Already knew what I want to be
Started off as just a dream
But my family believed in me
Played for Vandy, for USA
But now I'm headed to the NBA

I can't wait to play in the NBA (4X)

Man, I'm going to miss Shan Foster. He is projected to land in the second round (No. 54 by ESPN's Chad Ford). Listening to Foster perform, you realize that a) he has a pretty good back-up plan if this basketball thing doesn't work out and b) he really wants to play in the NBA. We're certainly pulling for him.

How great would it be if Foster performed this live on ESPN on draft night? "From New Orleans to Tennessee, I'm the best at shooting the three." It doesn't get much better than that.

Link: ESPN The Magazine

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Anonymous said...

Kid seems like a likeable guy, I wish him luck. He'll stick around for quite awhile.