Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ESPN loves Pedro Alvarez too

In less than 24 hours, Vanderbilt junior third baseman Pedro Alvarez will fulfill a lifelong dream. He will most likely be selected No. 2 overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2008 MLB Draft.

Tomorrow will undoubtedly be a special day for not only Alvarez and his family, but also for the entire Washington Heights community, who calls Pedro their native son.

You can read Amy Nelson's story from here.

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Tony Arnold said...

The cool thing is that one day, maybe soon, VU fans will be watching Price pitch to Pedro in the World Series and we can all say, "Yeah, a few years ago I was sittin' in the stands yelling 'C'm now Petey', 'smoke 'em David', and singing Sweet Caroline to those guys."

And our friends will look at us wondering what the heck we are talking about and why we have have such silly grins on our faces.

With Cutler, Price, Bennet, Pedro, and all the rest of the big crop of Pro Athletes that are coming out and have come out of VU the last few years, the NCC should be doing very, very well!

Jeff Ulmer has to be the happiest guy at VU right now.