Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More than 10,000 Vandy football season tickets sold

Yesterday, Vanderbilt announced that they had already sold 10,238 season tickets for the 2008 football season. This amount is a 17.6% increase on sales from the 8,703 sold at the same time last year. VUCommodores has the full story here.

The Vandy Marketing Department is attributing the increase in sales to the recent improvements of the football program under coach Bobby Johnson. The article mentions last season's Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia games being sold out. While that's true, it's worth pointing out that Alabama fans BOUGHT OUR SEASON TICKETS because they are so cheap, and I am sure that some Georgia/Kentucky fans may have done the same.

Basically, I want to know whether everyone thinks that the increase in ticket sales is due to the recent "success" of the program, or it is just the fact that the home schedule is better this season coupled with other teams' fans, like Auburn and Tennessee, buying our season tickets again.

I think the numbers are inflated if not only by other teams' fans buying tickets but also by the better home schedule featuring Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Auburn. Further reasoning behind my theory is the fact that last year's team had a lot more promise with a senior-dominated offensive line and prolific wide receiver Earl Bennett than the 2008 team, so one would think season ticket sales would have been better last season.


David Rutz said...

I think it's a combination of the elements you mentioned.

Personally, despite Vanderbilt's collapse at the end of last year, I can't help but feeling the Commodores have the talent to win every game they play and I'm already excited about the upcoming season. They certainly showed it last year, and I think that made an impression on a lot of fans, who like me think this could be the year Vanderbilt gets over the hump. That's the thing about being a sports fan; it doesn't matter how many times your team disappoints you, you always come back next season knowing that this year will be different. That's been the story for me for 13 years with the Atlanta Braves.

Another draw of course is our great home schedule: we get Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks, 2006 national champion Florida, archrival Tennesssee, and there's a chance of getting revenge on Auburn for the whooping they put on Vanderbilt last season. And of course the SAT Bowls against Duke and Rice.

That being said, no doubt a lot of fans from other teams pulled the same stunt as last year and bought our season tickets, so I'm sure we'll see plenty of non-Commodore colors all over the stadium this season. We'll just have to be louder than them.

David Shochat said...
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David Shochat said...

I am kinda in a holding pattern when it comes to next year's team. Last year, I really thought was the year, we had the talent and the schedule, and I was disappointed when we had every opportunity to get to a bowl. I said at the beginning of last year if we couldn't do it in 2007, we never would. While that is a small exaggeration, I don't think the bowl drought will be ended while we are here nor do I think Bobby will be the coach to end it. Anyway, last season along with the fact we lost the core of last year's team in Earl, Goff, Buggs, Gatewood, and Williams makes me think that this year will be no different than previous years.

Our defense should still be very solid next year although I am worried about the d-line. Hopefully some of the freshmen will help there. Our LBs and secondary should be very good next year. There should be no drop off really at either place and possibly improvements, but if the opposing team's QB has all day to throw the ball, because the d-line isn't getting pressure, we will get burned in the passing game and in the running game.

The offense is a HUGE question mark. Will a QB step up and lead the team like we need. Will the chosen QB have time to operate with a young offensive line. Will Jared Hawkins prove that he should have started last year??? Will the O-line block for Hawkins and give him room to run? Will the WRs be able to step up and pick up the slack that Earl has left? Knowing Vandy football, I think the answer to most of those questions, if not all of them, is no.

On the other side, if the offense can get it together and the d-line can produce, Vandy could win six games. Rice, Duke, Miami should all be wins. The Miss. schools haven't been powerhouses the past few years, so maybe the Dores have a shot at them. Kentucky lost Woodson and their WR corps so the Dores should be in that game imo. South Carolina will be at the beginning of the season before Spurrier has a chance to work with a young QB/team so maybe we could beat them. I would be shocked though if Vandy beat UGA ,UT, Florida, Wake or Auburn. Wake??? Yes, Wake. They will be preseason top 25 and should be very solid esp. by season's end at home. The first four weeks will tell us a lot about whether the Dores will be bowling as they will need at least 3 wins out of those first four games to have a shot at a bowl.

Anyway, for as much optimism as I have for basketball next year, I probably have just as much pessimism about football. It is easier for a young/inexperienced team to win in basketball than football because of how many players a team needs to have a solid football team.

On a brighter note, Vandy football got its first commitment in the 2009 recruiting class from a player who should be a three star guy imo. Jay Fullam is a safety out of McCallie in Chattanooga. Good start to the recruiting class.

David Shochat said...

I just noticed that the family weekend game next year is against Auburn...good. It is about time we scheduled someone good for parent's weekend. Why not cut down on the opposing teams' fans by playing when more Vandy supporters will be in the area. I think we should be playing tough SEC teams for both parent's weekend and homecoming to limit opposing team fans at our games. Anyone remember homecoming last year against UGA??? Best crowd I have ever experienced at a Vandy game. I realize we normally play against ok teams during those two events so that we get a win and feel good about ourselves, but I would rather limit the amount of fans from an SEC opponent than worry about winning during those occasions. We shouldn't need the crowd against Ok teams, so why waste it? Good move by marketing that I hope they continue.

Daniel Ryan said...

The team is better, which hopefully has attributed to a significant portion of the increase, but there's a huge Auburn contigent in Nashville that I'm sure won't be outdone by the bammers who turned Vanderbilt Stadium into Bryant-Denny North last September. And of course we play UThug in Nashville this year and we all know how that goes...

Braddock said...

Having been watching VU since 1989...there is no doubt, part is the recent success. Sure - part is the other team's fan base.

The bottom line can be seen in the increase in Black and Gold that shows up on Gameday. No doubt an improvement over years past!!!