Friday, April 25, 2008

Commodore Banter (4/25)

Tennis phenom Ryan Lipman has been spotted at the Curry Tennis Center, look for him to be a 2009-2010 signee.  

Tyler Smith, the runner up to Shan Foster in the SEC Player of the Year voting, will be returning to the Vols for his junior season. 

Chris Williams is entrenched in the top 15 in this mock draft and this one as well.  This blog cites ESPN's scouting report and goes through player comparisons and other sites that discuss the offensive tackle.  

As Williams prepares for the draft, he's been keeping his cool relative to his Vanderbilt classmates who have been stressing over exams.  Golf and figuring out a place to have dinner with his wife of 19 days have weighed on Williams' mind instead as the going has been good.  

If Bennett and Goff join Chris Williams in the top 3 rounds, I suggest you check out this piece to put this sort of thing into perspective for the seemingly lowly Vanderbilt Commodores.  

It is never too early to start discussing the baseball draft.  It is too bad Evan Longoria has made such a splash in Tampa Bay, but it gives the Pirates a nice consolation prize in Pedro Alvarez...

If you have questions about the new bleacher seats and about tickets, this Q&A is a great start. 

Here's a nice little piece on Jamont Gordon's decision process in declaring for the NBA draft.  We wish him well, it was a treat to watch his all-around game flourish in SEC play.  

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David Shochat said...

Man, Tyler Smith leave!! I don't want to face him again next year. I thought we would have a good chance of beating UT both times next year, but not so much now. Hopson, Chism, Prince, Smith, and Crews will be no fun to deal with.

Anonymous said...

if ramar re-learns how to run the point, they're right back in the mix to win the SEC